Your ultimate travel guide for Prashar Lake Trek

Your ultimate travel guide for Prashar Lake Trek

Your ultimate travel guide for Prashar Lake Trek
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As we know that, in India, many tourist destinations have derived their names from mythology. With the same case and facts, the Prashar Lake is one such mysterious destination. Prashar Lake is surrounded by the Dhauladhar Ranges of the Himalayas in Kullu Valley. Blue water lake called Prashar is a well kept secret in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. This lake got its name because it houses the three-storied pagoda-like temple, dedicated to sage Prashar. It is heard from the locals that the sage used to meditate near the bank of this lake that is the reason why the temple and the lake are named so. It is believed that the temple was built in the 13th century in Pagoda style by the king of the Mandi, known as Bansen and it took about 18 years to finish its construction. Apart from historical mythologies, Prashar lake is a natural abode for serenity and scenic beauty, in short, it is a perfect destination for photographers, explorers and nature lovers. 

The Prashar Lake Trek is fit for people of all interests. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, with the mind blowing panoramic views from the lake side, the excitement while leading to the lake region, the amazing adventure filled trails, expansive green meadows, pristine snow covering mountains everything your eyes want to see will be present here. 

How to reach Prashar Lake? 

There is only one road presently which will take you straight to the Prashar. The road begins from Mandi, and Mandi is well connected with Kullu. Kullu is a famous Valley in Himachal Pradesh which is well connected with the roads from major cities of North India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun etc.

Reaching by Bus - Mandi bus stand is well connected through roads with all the major cities like New Delhi, Dehradun, Chandigarh and Haryana etc. The buses depart from these cities on a regular basis. After reaching Mandi you'll have to trek to Prashar lake by exploring at its best or, you may book cab/taxi/ or bus to Prashar lake bus stand which is Bagi, as per your convenience. 

Reaching by Train - Unfortunately, Chandigarh Railway Station is the nearest railway station, which is 237 kms far from Prashar Lake. After reaching Chandigarh you have to ride by bus (preferred overnight journey) to Mandi from there you'll get local buses or you have to trek the remaining distance. 

Reaching by Air - Chandigarh Airport is the nearest major international Airport and Bhuntar Airport us a small airport with limited flight routes. From there you have to reach Mandi by bus or cab/taxi. From Mandi, you can cover the remaining distance by trekking as most travelers choose this or ride by local bus or local taxi. 

Best time to visit Prashar Lake

It will depend on several things and will be different for every person. That's why it totally depends on you. As Prashar is a small lake located at an altitude of 2730 meters, so the different seasons bring different types of charm and alluring beauty to this beautiful place. Every season has its own attraction and beauty. 

Prashar Lake in Winter

If you want to enjoy the snow and want to see semi-frozen lake then trekking in winter would be a great choice. The whole place is almost freezing in months December to February as it was covered under a thick blanket of snow. The snowfall starts at the end of December and the place gets heavy snowfall frequently in weeks of January to Mid-February. Snow lasts till April at this heavenly place that's why one can enjoy the frozen lake and able to camp near it. Hence, the months of December, January and February are the best in winter season to visit Prashar Lake.

Prashar Lake in Summer

As we've talked about before, every season has its own charm and beauty, as of summer season. In summer you will see greenery everywhere as you see snow in winter everywhere around this place. It is also a beautiful time to spend your weekends at this place with green meadows all around, blue water crystal clear lake. Don't have words about sunrise views and sunset views both are extremely scenic. Mid-April to June is the best time to visit in summer because the weather is pretty cool and the sky remains always clear. 

Conclusion - For someone who just wants to enjoy an easy to moderate level trek, camping, beautiful meadows, nature then summer season will be good enough. The winter season would be best if someone wants to enjoy the snow, camping near frozen lake, live snowfall, thrill, adventure and wants to add some kind of difficulty in trek. 

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