5 Best spectacular places to visit in Spiti Valley

5 Best spectacular places to visit in Spiti Valley

5 Best spectacular places to visit in Spiti Valley
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Spiti Valley is very known for its monasteries, adventure, trekking routes, frozen lakes and rivers, supernatural topography. The word Spiti means 'The Middle Land', because the Spiti valley separates India from Tibet. Nowadays, this place becomes heaven for nature and adventure lovers. Spiti valley offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains, sunsets & sunrises are very beautiful here, long winding roads and valleys offer memorable glimpses of the cold desert. It is undoubtedly a paradise on earth, this heavenly place located in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 12,500 ft. above sea level has many surprises for every type of holiday that's ever been in your imagination. 

Places to visit in Spiti Valley

1. Chandratal Lake

Chandratal lake is a popular destination for tourists in Spiti. Located at an altitude of 14,100 ft. in the lap of Himalayas, this lake is literally surreal. Also known as Moon lake. The color of water of this beautiful lake keeps changing from blue to reddish to orange to emerald green as the day passes, which further makes it special. Chandratal lake is often referred to as one of the best camping places in the mighty Himalayas. The view of sunrise when the bright sun's light reflects on the surface of the Chandra Tal lake is mesmerizing and makes it crystal clear. The captivating views, charm, stunning meadows are more than worth watching once in a lifetime. 

2. Key Monastery

The Key Monastery is one of the biggest and oldest monasteries in the Lahaul and Spiti district of India. The monastery is very close to the river Spiti and it is one of the star attractions in Spiti Valley. This stunning monastery is older than 1000 years and is a religious training centre for the Lamas. This magnificent monastery had a long history which represents how the place had to face multiple attacks for its survival. Nowadays, the Key Monastery is visited not only by locals but also by travellers from different-different parts of the country. The place is considered to be best in order to get silence, inner tranquility, peace and quietude. 

3. Pin Valley National Park 

Pin Valley National Park is a very big biosphere reserve which is tucked in the high ranges of Himalayas. This place is stunning and has the most photogenic surreal surroundings. It is home for rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The park is most famous for its amazing trekking route which is a delight for all its visitors. The elevation of the park ranges from about 3,500 metres to 6,000 metres which further adds thrill and adventurous expedition for trekkers. You'll get to see endangered species of Himalayan snow leopards which are the most significant inhabitant of Pin Valley National Park. If you like the treks through tough terrains and paths then Pin Valley National Park expedition is perfect for you. 

4. Kaza

Kaza is the spectacular capital of Spiti. Kaza is surrounded by cold desert land and majestic mountains. It is the best place to enjoy the culture of Spiti Valley, taste delicious and different types of Tibetan dishes, enjoy mesmerizing sunsets and to explore charming Spiti at its best. From famous Monasteries to hamlets, mighty mountains to incredible lakes, Kaza has everything that you need to see. 

5. Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake is a must visit place for every tourist. If you visit Spiti Valley but not Dhankar Lake then, later on, you'll be disappointed. Why? Because Dhankar Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Spiti. It is one of the most preferred places for camping and enjoying bonfire in Spiti for travellers who wish to spend some rejuvenating time. Dhankar lake gives unmatched natural scenic beauty at its best and is known as the paradise for trekkers and adventure junkies as well as nature lovers. The lake is nearly transparent and trails up to the lake having relished wonderful views of the Himalayas is literally amazing. You'll get to see how the sky changes its colors as time passes. Also, the reflection of sunlight on the crystal clear lake which makes it more spell binding each time, and it just happens within a span of a few hours. 

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